Teen Acne? All Teenagers Should Understand It!


Understand The Teen Acne

According to the American Association of Dermatology, 85% of teenagers are likely to suffer teen acne at some point. It just sounds so unfair! When teenagers start to care about their appearance, this skin problem will just break down their self-esteem and confidence. For young people especially, the benefits of clear skin are undeniable. Unfortunately, acne is one of the trickiest skin problem to treat.

Instead of visit a dermatologist for treating teen acne, many teens just tried those so-called home remedies. Unfortunately, this method will never work on removing teen acne, but leaving more problems or creating acne scars. The only useful and real weapon for fighting teen acne is to understand what cause it.  Thus, follow the article to find out all knowledge about teen acne.

Why Teen Acne Broke Out So Easy?


Hormones Lead to Teen Acne

The excessive amount of hormones can be blamed as the main cause of teen acne. During the teen years these hormones can trigger oil production. The more oil produced inside the skin, the more likely the pores will get clogged. Then bacteria multiplies under the skin layer, almost always lead to inflammation and a breakout. Although hormones is difficult to control at the teen age,


Wrong Skin Products

Wrong Skin Products Can Worsen Your Skin

People always want to be more beautiful, so are the teens. There is nothing wrong with putting products on the face, but applying wrong skin products on a teenager’s face is dangerous.  For teenagers, especially girls, tend to put many make-ups on their face. Yet, with the limited knowledge they have, teenagers often choose the wrong products (usually misled by skin care myths). In addition, many products now on the beauty market have irritate ingredient. For instance, moisturizers, facial masks, foundations, or concealers, and these products will never benefit the skin.

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Inconsistent Skin Care

Consistent And Correct Skin Care Is The Essential

Some people had a long-time fight with teen acne, the back-and-forth battle is irritating and frustrating. Acne can be dried out over night, however, with an inconsistent skin care routine, this skin problem is likely to come back soon, and maybe with more serious condition. Thus, a consistent skin care routine is the secret for a clear skin. Besides, a well-formulated product should be chosen.


Hair-styling Products

Hair Styling Products Can Cause Hairline Acne

Some teenagers have acne along the hair line, it is mainly because they apply too much hair gels, mousses, pomades, or hairsprays to the hair. Some of the hair fall on their face and lead to breakout in those areas. Keeping the hair off your face and reducing the amount of styling products can contribute to the teen acne treatment.

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