We Want to Explain You These Skin Care Myths


The 5 Skin Care Myths You Should Get Rid of

During all our working years, we have been asked so many questions regarding peoples’ skin problems. Usually people came to us and started to share skin care myths with us. According to them, most of the skin care myths just sounded so trustworthy, even though they almost always began the story with “I heard it from…”

Thus, we decided to explain why people believe in these skin care myths firmly, and help you to figure out they can be trusted or not. Follow the post to understand the skin care myths.

The Skin Care Products Are Effective When They Tingle Skin

Skin Care Prodcuts Tingle Your Skin

Many patients in the clinics told us they prefer using the products tingle their skins, because they thought the products are effective in this way, such as soothing the redness or eliminating the acne. On the contrary, this sensation is the skin responding to irritation. In fact, this sensation can damage your skin instead of healing it. We also heard from this conversation many time, “but the product has peppermint or menthol ingredients, these should be good to the skin”. Well, these ingredients, including mint and camphor, can induce local inflammation, in order to reduce inflammation in deeper skin. That is to say, the products use one inflammation to heal another, and that is never the right way to solve skin problems.

Luckily, many people start to realize this opinion just a myth, because the tingling sensation will eventually turn into a burning and itching feeling when they kept applying irritants to the skin.

To draw a short conclusion of this myth, everyone should understand your skin will not response to any skin care product with a rapid and harsh sensation.


Makeup Causes My Acne

Makeup Products Can Worsen Your Acne-prone Skin

This could be a fact or just a myth, depending you are using the right products or not. Until now, dermatologists cannot find any scientific research provident to support the argument that makeup products cause acne. However, we did experienced once a patient came to us with skin allergy, her skin became sensitive and acne-prone. We suggested her to stop putting her makeup products. In the end, her skin got recovered, but we still couldn’t say her makeup caused this problem.

As it is clear that acne is primarily a skin disorder that occurs deep in the skin, and hormones strongly influence this process. Therefore, acne cannot be the main cause for your breakout. However, your makeup can worsen acne. Oily, irritating makeup products can exacerbate breakouts for the already acne-prone skin.


Drinking More Water Can Heal My Dry Skin

Does Drinking Water Help Dry Skin

One of the common seen skin care myths is drinking water is good for dry skin. Well, if drinking water is a magic, then moisturizers should not be sold on the beauty market anymore. Surprisingly, some studies shown that the water content between dry skin and normal skin (even oily skin) are not significantly different. In fact, drinking more won’t make your dry skin become normal skin, not even make it more moisturized.

Dry skin happen when the intercellular matrix on the skin is destroyed, bringing a rough, uneven, and flaky texture that allows water to be lost. Once the substances in the skin is reinforced, the skin will function normally (how the moisturizers claim), and by that time, you can say farewell to your dry skin. However, adding too much moisturizers to the skin is not always a good thing as well. Imagine, our skin is like a sponge, soaking too much water will break down our skin too, and the water will be lost anyway.

To clear this myth for dry skin, we want everyone to understand that drinking water is good for the body though, but with a limited amount. Here you could download an APP for estimating the daily water amount that you should drink, and we always recommend our patients to do it (iOS & Android).


Alcohol Is Good for Skin Care

Alcohol Kills Acne-cause Bacteria

Not only had our patients told us alcohol is good for skin care, thousands of skin care products did the same. These skin care products have a quick effect and they are usually non-greasy and lightweight. Thus, it’s easy to believe that alcohol-based products are good for the skin.

Firstly, alcohol can disinfects skin by killing the acne-cause bacteria on the skin surface. The other one is alcohol can de-greasy the oily skin fast, and it can make a heavy skin care product feel weightless, creating a pleasant non-greasy sensation, and that is why so many moisturizers are alcohol based.

However, research argues that alcohol-based anti-acne products increase both irritation and dryness, and it will be difficult for acne suffers to win a battle in a long back-and-forth routine. Besides, the quick de-grease effect from alcohol ingredient will give a sign to the oily skin to product more oil eventually, and it just doesn’t worth all the effort.

But some people also asked us, if alcohol is bad for skin, why is it used to clean wounds? Let to be honest, we only use alcohol to swab the skin surface before giving patients an injection, and that is to kill the bacteria, not for cleaning the open wounds.


My Skin Care Products Are Expensive, So They Are Good

Expensive Products Have Good Quality

Among all the skin care myths, we want to buster this one so much. When we told people to stop using their skin care products, they usually replied us with But I spent so much money on it… In fact, there are good and bad products in all price categories, because price doesn’t play a role in the skin care world.

The quality of the formulation is the key.

In other words, the money you spend on the expensive products do not guarantee you to receive an effective treatment. Sometimes, they are expensive just because of the well-known brand name, while the inexpensive products are less-known but with better quality formulation.

We want to become the myth-buster for all beauty lovers, so you are more than welcome to contact us and share your own skin care myths. Let’s fight the skin problems together!

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