We Want to Explain You These Skin Care Myths


The 5 Skin Care Myths You Should Get Rid of

During all our working years, we have been asked so many questions regarding peoples’ skin problems. Usually people came to us and started to share skin care myths with us. According to them, most of the skin care myths just sounded so trustworthy, even though they almost always began the story with “I heard it from…”

Thus, we decided to explain why people believe in these skin care myths firmly, and help you to figure out they can be trusted or not. Follow the post to understand the skin care myths. Continue reading We Want to Explain You These Skin Care Myths

What Is Your Skin Type?



People always think it is easy to find out what skin type they have, it’s either dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, right? Oh, and of course, normal skin. Unfortunately, things are more complicated. Your skin is the same like your fingerprint, it is different with everyone and anyone. What is more, the skin often takes on multiple personalities, thus, most people incorrectly assume they have combination skin. This can result in unsuccessfully fighting the same skin problem for a lifetime. Luckily, here you can find out some easy ways to find out your skin type.

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Review: Cleansing Masks

useful review of cleansing masks

General speaking, cleansing masks are muddy or mashed powder (apply with water). The ingredient of the masks are usually kaolin clay, volcanic mud or with seaweed mud based. They can effectively isolate the skin from oxygen, rise the skin temperature, and enlarge pores to achieve cleaning effect. Another type of cleansing mask contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid) or BHA (Bate Hydroxyl Acid) components, and the cleansing masks can be used as exfoliator. Thus, this type of mask is slightly stimulating for sensitive skin, but it fits on thick cuticles and oily skin.

We also tried out some cleansing masks for our readers and marked what we like and what we dislike the products. Follow the post to know more:

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10 Best Oil-Free Moisturizers for Acne-Prone Skin



In most of the acne cases, it starts with the excess oil clogging the pores. And if you keep applying the wrong skin care products on your already oily skin, it will definitely get worse. We at Skin Care Community have testified some of the moisturizers (cream/gel/lotion), and chosen 10 of the best oil-free moisturizers for acne suffers.

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What Acne Type Do You Suffer?


Normal Skin Cell

First, just to make sure that everyone knows, a normal pore looks like this.

As mentioned in the previous post, when excess oil is producing, things usually go wrong on your skin. It is because when oil is being produced at a normal rate, it keeps your skin protected, smooth, and hydrated. On the contrary, the excess oil could clog the pore. To make matters worse, dead skin cells on the surface cause even more blockage. From there, depending on what else happens inside the pore, you can have different acne type, a blackhead, whitehead, pimple, cyst, papule, or pustule.

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You Want The Answers of All These Questions About Acne


Questions About Acne

Acne is probably the most common skin condition, and many teenagers have tons of questions towards this facial problem. Some of these questions might be too gross to be asked, and some of them sound stupid to ask, but actually everyone wants to know the answers. So, all these questions will be answered here, and acne suffers can know their enemy and themselves better after reading this post.

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These Mistakes You Are Making While Treating Acne at Home


When it comes to the most hateful skin problem for teenagers, acne is absolute the winner. And many of them have done a lot of effort to get rid of this trouble but failed to remove acne. But let’s be real, if the internet’s treating acne methods are trusted, then skin problems should not exist any longer. There are tons of home acne remedies online, how many of them are REALLY working?

Find out how to treat acne at home, follow the post.

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