You Want The Answers of All These Questions About Acne


Questions About Acne

Acne is probably the most common skin condition, and many teenagers have tons of questions towards this facial problem. Some of these questions might be too gross to be asked, and some of them sound stupid to ask, but actually everyone wants to know the answers. So, all these questions will be answered here, and acne suffers can know their enemy and themselves better after reading this post.

What’s The Difference Between Whiteheads Acne And Blackheads Acne?

Whiteheads And Blackheads

Before you start look for acne treatments, you should understand what type of breakout you have. One of the FAQ is how to identify whiteheads and blackheads acne.
Well, blackheads acne is black, and whiteheads acne is white. It is because blackheads are open and exposed to oxygen, creating black dots, hence the name. On the other hand, whiteheads are small white bumps, have a layer of skin sealing the pore. They look similar to pimples but without the redness, and it is more difficult to remove whiteheads acne as you cannot squeeze them out.
One common thing of these two types of acne is that they both form when excess oil gets backed up and stuck inside the pore with the dead skin cells. And, they are both filled in the skin bumps, where things get grosser.

What’s Inside The Skin Bump?

skin bump

Sometimes due to the hormonal problem and sticky follicular keratinocytes, skin cells just clog up the pores. This kind of excessed sticky facial problem and sebum can form a semi-solid bump.
This little bump is filled with blackheads and whiteheads, as well as blood, pus, and clear fluid called blood serum. And the grossest part definitely is the pus, where includes sebum, skin cells, and bacteria, and most of them even have mites. Oh, gross!

Can You Squeeze The Pimples?

Squeezing Pimples

Squeezing a pimple, sounds painful! And your skin doctor or any dermatologist must warn you to keep your hands off the pimples, or simply stay away from the mirror. But in reality, it is one of the most common ways to get rid of pimples fast, and the urge to pop a pimple gives acne suffers the irresistible feeling of doing something forbidden.
So can you squeeze them? The answer is YES and NO. YES to those already pimples that has white or yellow-ish centre, and NO to the unready ones. If you make sure your pimples are ready, simply wrap the clean tissue tightly around your fingers, and press the bumps. Once you press the bump, keep pushing it gently until the pus (sometimes also blood) stops.
The only instruction tip that all acne suffers who can’t stay away from the mirror should know, SQUEEZE YOUR PIMPLES GENTLY!

Is It Because You Touch Your Face Too Much?

Touching Your Face

Ok, so some people can’t stay away from the mirror, and also can’t keep their hands off the face. Perfect. Touching the face is not the direct cause of your breakouts, the real enemy is the dirt and oil on your hands. People touch hundreds of things every day, and some of them are just greasy and full of bacteria. “You’re always transferring something onto your face”, says Papri Sarkar, a dermatologist from Boston, US. And, again, your breakout is mainly because the pores are clogged with exceed oil and dead skin. So, of course, you shouldn’t touch your face with the dirty hands, and it’s your own risk for irritating the sensitive skin.

Why You Have Spots On Your Buttock?


Well, here is one of the most embarrassing skin problems, probably nobody wants to admit they have it, unlikely, many people have had a butt pimple (or more) in their lives.
Similar to the facial acne problems, the pimples on the buttocks are because the clogged follicles, and they are inflammation.
Sweet can be blamed as the main cause of butt acne, as it can clog pores. In addition, tight clothing will trap the dead skin cells and sweat together, and that’s why workout women are more likely to suffer this skin problem.

What Should You Eat?

food diet

Low-glycemic Food?

Many people are curious about whether the food they eat causes acne or worsens it. Of course all acne suffers should avoid oily food, but in fact, sweet things also likely to cause breakout. One invisible enemy for your breakout probably is the high level of blood-sugar. “The strongest evidence we have to date of a link between diet and acne comes from the glycemic index studies,” said Dr. Bowe, an expert from American Academy of Dermatology. These studies shows that low glycemic products are friendly for removing acne, while high glycemic products, which contain high level of carbs and sugars, are likely to lead to breakout. In one sentence, higher the glycemic, higher the risk to have acne. And here you can check the glycemic index for 100 common food, including drinks, sweets, nuts and fruits.

Quitting Dairy Products?

Dairy Products

Another weak but possible association with acne is dairy products, particularly milk. Although the evidence is weak, Dr. Bowe argues that hormones and growth factors in milk might play a role in acne.

If it is a potential treat, acne suffers could gradually reduce the consumption of dairy products. However, Dr. Bowe also suggests that probiotics in the dairy products has a positive effect towards treating acne, so yogurt seems to be still eatable, as long as its low-sugar, yay! Besides, healthy fats can also calm skin redness.

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